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Antivirus Ragit & Internet Security

We are proud to announce a Premium Quality antivirus. In short, Unlike other antivirus software’s which focus more on features, compared to security, 'Ragit' antivirus is a Pure anti-virus software , where its Prime-Focus is the Guaranteed Antivirus and Internet Security with exquisitely helpful and unique features. Even your PC will feel, Simply, Marvellous!

We provide some awesome features like: Free antivirus with trial version, antivirus and Internet Security, Intrusion File Detection, malware scan, spyware scan, Mobile Scan, USB Locker, OS Firewall, Anti-phishing, etc. All this at lightning fast speed!

We have launched our products in two licenses of antivirus versions Economy Pack-6 months and antivirus Standard Pack -12 months at very affordable prices!

We provide all these features and protection to our end users along with a magnificent 24x7 live support which makes us unique and out-standing!

Please check our following features and download free antivirus Ragit today.

Ragit Antivirus for 1 Year license at Just Rs.540/- & 6 Month at Rs.299/-

  • scanFull System Scan
    Ragit antivirus provides Powerful Boot time antivirus scanner and full system scanner which scans all drives, files and folders on your computer and keeps it clean from viruses. Best antivirus protection for your PC. Available with free antivirus version.
  • firewallPowerful Firewall
    Firewall Protection protects you from Viruses, Spywares, Internet Thefts, Phishing attempts and provides you total Internet security. Available with free antivirus version.
  • malwareMalware Protection
    Ragit antivirus Malware Scan detects and cleans malware scripts ad wares, spywares, rogue wares, dialers, risk-wares and many other threats affecting your system. Available with free antivirus version.
  • internetInternet Security
    Internet Security option in Ragit Antivirus concern the protection of your system from suspicious files that can enter into your system during internet browsing. Available with free antivirus version.
  • registryRegistry Scan
    Scans system registry for suspicious entries. Available with free antivirus version.
  • emailEmail Protection
    Email Protection provides the protection against malicious emails entering your mailbox. You can scan emails like Google mail, Yahoo or any of your personal accounts. Available with free antivirus version.
  • updateAutomatic Update
    Ragit Antivirus provides daily automatic updates for virus database. We also provide features like off-line updates, manual online updates. Not available with free antivirus version.