About Ragit Antivirus Dashboard
Posted by Vaidehi Bojage on 22 August 2013 11:09 PM

The dashboard is split into two sections. They are:  

Ragit Protection Center  

Ragit MenusRagit Protection Center provides indication of the security status of Ragit Antivirus with the help of colored icons. The colored icons and their specific meaning are as follows:Green  This indicates that Ragit Antivirus is configured with optimal settings and your system is protected.Red  This indicates that Ragit Antivirus is not configured with optimal settings and your immediate attention is needed. The action corresponding to the message needs to be executed immediately to keep your system protected.Ragit Menus deals with configuring the general settings of Ragit tools for preventing virus infection and diagnosing the system, reports of the activities of the features and access help and license details. The following menus are availableFiles & FoldersAllows you to configure settings to protect your files and folders against malwares. Also allows you to customize scan options and actions.Emails  Allows you to configure settings that protect your system against malicious threats that try to sneak into your system through emails.Scan  Launches the scanner that scans the entire system, user-defined locations, system memory and to perform boot time scan.Firewall  Allows you to configure setting related to firewall.Malware  Launches the scanner that scans the malware in the system.18Ragit Antivirus User Guide 2013Settings  Allows you to customize important settings of Ragit Antivirus.Internet & NetworkAllows you to configure settings that protect your system against malicious threats that try to sneak into your system when you are browsing the Internet, or when you are perform to-and-fro transfer of files in the network.External Drives & DevicesAllows you to configure settings that protect your system against malicious threats from external drives like CDs, DVDs and USB-based drives.Overview  Provides access to Ragit Dashboard.Tools  Provides access to important tools that can help you keep the system and its software protected.Register  Provides detailed logs of important activity performed by Ragit Antivirus.Update  Provides updates for Ragit Antivirus.Help  Provides vital information related to software and licensing information. Also provides support related details.The features of the following buttons and settings are common irrespective of where they are placed:Cancel  Exit from the feature being accessed.Default  Configures default settings.Save Changes / OKSaves changes made to settings. If changes are made and if you try to exit from the screen, then a prompt will appear saying Do you want to continue without saving? Click Yes if you do not want to save the changes, else click No  if you want to save the changes.ON/OFF  Click the button to keep the setting to ON or OFF. ON means the feature is enabled and OFF  means the feature is disabled.Help  Displays Help for the feature or the dialog box opened.

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