Ragit Antivirus Offline Registration
Posted by Vaidehi Bojage on 22 August 2013 11:03 PM

If you do not have an Internet connection on the system, then Ragit Antivirus can be registered by filling the registration form on Ragit Antivirus website by visiting the offline activation page with any system having Internet connection. For example: Cyber cafe.Offline registration involves the following steps:

Getting the details of Ragit Antivirus installationbefore visiting the offline activation page, as mentioned earlier, you should have the following details ready:  

Product Key: It will be pasted on the User Guide and/or inside the box. If the product is purchased online, then the product key can be obtained from the e-mail confirming the order

.  Installation Number: It can be obtained from the Activation Wizard by performing the following steps:

1.  Click Start -> Programs -> Ragit Antivirus -> Help->About->License Details.

2.  The Registration Wizard opens. Click Register Offline.

3.  The offline activation screen appears. You can note down the offline activation URL and Installation Number.

  A valid email address: A license key will be sent upon successful completion of offline activation. This key will be sent to the email address provided by you. You should ensure the correctness of the email address provided.Visiting and filling offline registration web form using some other PC having Internet connection.You must visit the offline activation page and perform the following steps:1.  Click the hyperlink Click here to proceed to Step 2.2.  Enter the Product Key and Installation Number and click Submit.3.  Enter the details requested on the screen. Click Submit upon completion.Activating the Ragit Antivirus installation using License KeyOnce the license key is obtained, please perform the following steps:1.  Click Start -> Programs -> Ragit Antivirus -> Help->About->License Details.2.  The Registration Wizard opens. Click Register Offline.3.  The offline activation screen appears. Enter the license key and click Next to continue.4.  The activation will be successfully completed. Click Finish to close the Registration Wizard.

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